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Posting your prac

Posted by Mac 
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Posting your prac
May 21, 2008 07:12AM
From the 1st tut letter: Please use "@unisa.ac.za" rather than "@icon.co.za" when you post the prac to me

I don't want to post my full adress here since spam robots pick it up.

Remember to zip your file giving it your student number as name. eg 123456.zip
Re: Posting your prac
May 21, 2008 09:27AM
Oh, and remove the last t as well before the @. as in ...rtm@unisa.ac.za
Re: Posting your prac
June 02, 2008 04:25PM
Hi Mac

I had a look at tut101 and the following adresses are listed:

Our contact information:
Person E-mail Telephone
Alta van der Merwe vdmeraj (at) unisa (dot) ac (dot) za
Mac van der Merwe vdmertmt (at) icon (dot) co (dot) za
El-marie Havenga havene (at) unisa (dot) ac (dot) za

I do not seem to see your unisa address. If I understand your last posting correctly, do I take your icon address and replace icon with unisa and remove the "t" before the at. Am I correct in this??

Re: Posting your prac
June 03, 2008 06:43AM
Quite correct!
Re: Posting your prac
June 03, 2008 08:35AM


Hows the prac testing coming alone. When are you going to hand in your prac. smile
Re: Posting your prac
June 04, 2008 02:22PM
Hi there MuhammadA

Testing went well. Took it to work and had hosted it on my work pc. Then I asked the guys I work with to test it from their pcs. Had them try all the options. So tonight its cleanup time and remove any unwanted code I had commented. The tomorrow morning I will email it to Mac. I must say I really enjoyed this course. Learnt alot. spinning smiley sticking its tongue out

How are you doing. Hope you are well. So how far are you with your prac? Sent it off yet?
Re: Posting your prac
June 04, 2008 02:42PM
Hi.. Im ok thanx and u? Thats good. Ive been testing n editing since last week
smile Did every option possible so think also by tomorrow will send it in. Yeah that was a good idea. You need others to test it for you. I uploaded it to my web server because at work there are no apache servers. So got a friend and collegues to test it for me over the net.

I started php about 6 months before this course but this course was great. Learnt alot of stuff and enjoyed coding in php. Think the best feeling is when your app isn't working and after struggling for how long it finally works.


Re: Posting your prac
June 04, 2008 08:11PM
Hi MuhammadA

Know what you mean by that feelin of joywhen something finaly works. This course gave me my first taste of php. I enjoyed it very much and want to learn more.

I installed xampp on my work pc so that I could host my project. Busy now making the source code look neat, and documented and then it will be ready for sending.

Good luck with your prac.cool smiley
Re: Posting your prac
June 04, 2008 11:28PM


Tonight was a long night. Finally done and sent it in. Was having a bit of a problem with gmail at first, didn't want to allow the zip file. But finally gone through.

How far are you? Everything went well.

Hey JWV do you think its ok if I take your email from myunisa. After the course you never know when we will need each others help with php or also just to keep in touch now and then. smile Just a thought

MAC--> Course was great. Hope you enjoy the marking smile
Just confirming i sent it in because was having a bit of a prob.

Thanks all and to everyone else. Enjoy and good luck.

Re: Posting your prac
June 05, 2008 04:08PM
MuhammadA >> No problem, help is always welcome. Sent in my prac this morning at about 10.

Mac >> I hope that you received it. Did not see my student number under the pracs received link.

Best of luck to all of you. I enjoyed the course very much.
Re: Posting your prac
June 09, 2008 08:02AM
Just posted my prac - eeeek! Project was cool, learnt a lot!spinning smiley sticking its tongue out

Thanks guys!
Re: Posting your prac
June 09, 2008 03:16PM
Just emailed my prac - Sno: 7170-640-2. 3.16pm 09-Jun-2008
thanks for all the help guys...
was going hectic the last few hours lol smiling smiley
keep it real guys...thanks mac
Re: Posting your prac
June 09, 2008 04:53PM

just need to know on which address we need to submit our project??
coz i didn't find any upload or submit option my unisa page, please help as its 9th and 5:00 pm

Thanks and waiting smile
Re: Posting your prac
June 09, 2008 10:44PM

Sorry for late reply. I presume you sent your assignment in already. But if you havent take a look at the 3rd posting at the top by JwV.

Enjoy smile
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