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Task 3B -1

Posted by arminez 
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Task 3B -1
February 21, 2008 02:49PM
Done. I must say, the old forums are really helping. So guys check them every now and then.
Re: Task 3B -1
February 21, 2008 03:57PM
Re: Task 3B -1
March 04, 2008 08:33AM
Re: Task 3B -1
March 04, 2008 05:16PM


This file function can also be used as a very small database, which can also include the counter function of a site means how many times user has open your site and etc..
Anonymous User
Re: Task 3B -1
March 16, 2008 06:49PM
Re: Task 3B -1
March 26, 2008 02:42PM
Had great fun with this. I feel that the function fread and fwrite should be for ascii files and functions fget and fput for bin files.
Re: Task 3B -1
March 27, 2008 01:01PM
Re: Task 3B -1
March 30, 2008 11:57AM
I completed this a while back I just forgot to post it...sorry sad smiley
Re: Task 3B -1
April 28, 2008 02:01AM
Me too. Did it long ago. Was fun. With these features you can avoid using a database. Only thing to do is align your data neatly.

Was good.

The only problem I came across before was on many web servers, some allow for files to be created but you cannot write to them at the same time. The file permissions do not change and you need to do it manually. Don't know if anyone else found this problem.

Re: Task 3B -1
May 13, 2008 09:10PM
Completed a while back, just a bit slow in posting
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