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Posted by derya 
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October 29, 2007 04:07PM
hi mac

can you please assits me with the below request

My whole project was developed on my "localhost". Is it okayif I send you an SQL script that creates the database structure? Isthat what is expected?

thank you
Re: Localhost
October 30, 2007 07:39AM
We use the structure we've provided you with. That is, your database is (should be) the same as mine. So I don't need the structure. If I run your code (I just need to change your database login and password to fit mine) then all should work.
Re: Localhost
October 30, 2007 10:37AM
thank you..just wanted to be sure 100%..smile

Re: Localhost
October 30, 2007 05:58PM
Hi Derya

what i normally do, is put the username, pw etc into an external file called something like: conf.inc.php

this way i know its a configuration file, that is only to be used as an include...

this file looks something like this:

$passwd = 'xYzp7';
$username = 'superg';
$dbname = 'project';
$host = 'localhost';

the awesome part about doing it this way is if i had say 7 different forms that i run sql on, i would only need to change the database name in one place if for some reason the databases name changed...

what i would do from here is include this on the page that i do my sql queries on:

include_once('conf.inc.php'winking smiley;

if this file is not in the same folder as the file with the sql statement in it, then i would have to specify the path to the location of the file.

once the file has been included, the variables can be used straight in my code:

$conn = mysql_connect($host, $username, $passwd);

i really hope this helps
Re: Localhost
October 31, 2007 08:45AM
hi there

thank you so much for all the information,it really will help me..

thanks alot smiling smiley

Re: Localhost
November 01, 2007 04:59PM
Hi Mac

Finished the Project and have emailed it through to you this afternoon
just informing you ifyou havent received it please do let me know.

as i dont want to miss the due date and im very nervous and stressed..
eye rolling smiley

Thank you
Re: Localhost
November 02, 2007 03:04PM
awesome!!! i hope i can get finished this week end...

liefie is hectic... i love it!!!

its my bday tomorrow so lets hope the hang over is not too bad.

Re: Localhost
November 02, 2007 03:52PM
hi gilham

just wanted to say happy birthday for tomorrow,wish you the best..

im sooooo stressed hoping to get good results... sad smiley

wel enjoy tomorrowww drinking smiley
Re: Localhost
November 05, 2007 09:42AM
Hey Derya

ok, i am about half way there...

the closing date is this friday. Awesome!!! i am sure you are going to get good marks smiling smiley

i hope everyone else is loving this as much as i am!

Re: Localhost
November 05, 2007 09:56AM

i enjoyed it alot at first it seemed difficult to me and i thought that i wouldnt finish in time but i did and to be honest im so happy about it (kind of feeling proud ) spinning smiley sticking its tongue out

Good luck,,,

wish you the best

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