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Posted by sandile 
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August 02, 2007 09:31AM
Task completed successfully!!!smileys with beer

Tried experimenting with HTMLEntities instead of the HTMLSpecialChars. It does the same job.
Re: TASK 4B-2
August 14, 2007 05:49PM
4B-2 Completed successfully
Re: TASK 4B-2
August 21, 2007 09:45PM
sweet, thanks for that sandile. anyone know which is the better one to use?

oh yes, canned!!!!
Re: TASK 4B-2
August 22, 2007 08:22PM
As Super G would say - Task 4B-2 canned!grinning smiley
Re: TASK 4B-2
August 23, 2007 12:08PM
Task 4B-2 done!
Re: TASK 4B-2
August 27, 2007 07:55AM
Task 4B-2 completed..
Re: TASK 4B-2
August 27, 2007 08:52AM
Completed the task. No problems.
Re: TASK 4B-2
August 27, 2007 05:27PM
and the race is on... grinning smiley
Re: TASK 4B-2
September 03, 2007 03:59PM
TASK 4B-2 Completed with no problems. thumbs up smiley
Re: TASK 4B-2
September 11, 2007 08:06AM
Moving along...Task completed. :-D
Anonymous User
Re: TASK 4B-2
September 16, 2007 08:25PM
Task 4B-2 done!!!
Re: TASK 4B-2
October 09, 2007 11:14AM
4B2 is completed
Re: TASK 4B-2
November 18, 2007 04:12PM
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