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Cant let it slide
May 15, 2006 09:10PM
Ok.. so I just couldnt..

Assn 3, Question 45

________ entails sending bogus messages purportedly from a legitimate institution to pry personal information from consumers by convincing them to go to a "spoof" web site
1.) Spam
2.) Investment Fraud
3.) Philising
4.) Stock Scams

.. what.. in.. the.. hell.. is.. philising?!?!

*stops now before he mentions question 14 and the others that "all seem correct according to the text book"*
Re: Cant let it slide
May 20, 2006 08:38PM
hehehehe, hi

it is the only possible correct answer, albeit with the spelling mistake
Re: Cant let it slide
May 31, 2006 10:11AM
I received 67% for assignment 3. Some other students received the same mark. I am thinking the matter about the multiple correct answers for specific questions might have prompted them into giving us an average mark. Please tell me that I am wrong.
Re: Cant let it slide
July 06, 2006 01:21PM
your wrong....the answer deff is phishing.
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