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BOOKS 4 SALE: INF105,INF120,COS101,COS111,COS112,COS113,COS114,COS161,PLS207

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BOOKS 4 SALE: INF105,INF120,COS101,COS111,COS112,COS113,COS114,COS161,PLS207
January 21, 2006 02:48AM
BOOKS 4 SALE: INF105,INF120,COS101,COS111,COS112,COS113,COS114,COS161,PLS207

• INF105-9: Stair, R. M., Reynolds, G. W. 2003. Principles on Information Systems: 6th ed. International Thomson Publishing Company (ITP)- R250

• INF120-8: Norman D A. 2002. The Design of Everyday Things. Basic Books- R140

• COS101-S: Labuschagne W.A. A User-Friendly Introduction to Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science. Pretoria, UNISA, 1999- R75.
• Relations CD- R45

• COS111-U & COS112-V: James P. Cohoon and Jackson W. Davidson. C++ Program Design: An Introduction to Programming and object-Oriented Design, 3rd ed. London: McGraw-Hill, 2002- R220

• COS113-W: Forouzan, Behrouz A. Foundations of Computer Science: From Data Manipulation to Theory of Computation. Brooks/Cole, 2003. ISBN 0-534-39143-5. -R220

• COS114-X: Barrow, J., Miller, L., Malan, K., Gelderblom, H., (2005). Introducing Delphi Programming: Theory Through Practice, 4th ed. Oxford University Press- R310

• COS161-9: Guttenplan, S. G. 1997. (2nd ed.) The languages of logic. Oxford: Blackwell- R210

• PLS207-B: Hung, Edwin. 1997. (1st ed). The nature of science: Problems and perspectives. California: Wadsworth Publishers- R180

All books are in excellent condition. Some books include a CD. Prices negotiable.
Contact muqs@webmail.co.za or 084 476 6017
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