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Anonymous User
December 04, 2007 07:59PM
I changed streams after my first year of studying and now realize that I have 2 "useless" 1st year modules for the current stream. I can now take an extra two 1st year modules and complete the stream (one is the ICDL equivalent, CSS101, ugh) or go on to graduate with a "plain" BSc.

My question is: Is it worth it to graduate with a BSc stream? I mean, does anyone write BSc - software eng on their cv's? Wouldn't the listing of one's majors be sufficient?
Re: Streams
December 04, 2007 08:30PM
grads from other unis i know just state their majors when asked what they studied. when ppl ask me i do too cos most ppl would find Comp Sci more descriptive but if you want to sound important you can say SE anyways because its mostly the same, i just think it sounds pretentious smiling smiley

you can anyways call yourself a SE when you go work , the co's overseas used to refer to us as SE's most of the time, even those of us without degrees.... its really much of a muchness, if its 2 modules difference then it can't be much different can it..

i'd just take the option that will let you finish the quickest/easiest, but then it depends if you really enjoy the subjects
Re: Streams
December 05, 2007 07:26AM
Hi Rick

I was in the same predicament 2 years ago and changed streams. I initially picked my own curriculum with CS and Maths as my both majors, but when i called up Unisa to ask what my degree certificate would say, they said that it would a GENERAL BSC and it won't be listed with other Computer Science students, even though one of my majors was CS. I figured since i've working so hard to study and pass, i'd rather have my degree say Computer Science on it rather than General Bsc...just my opinion though as it's taken me so many years...

(PS:Initially Unisa gave me the wrong information for major choices and i also have extra maths modules that don't count in my SE stream)

avatar Re: Streams
December 05, 2007 08:52AM
I'm so sad that I'm not majoring in COS. I love COS so much more than any others subject. I do okay for COS too.

Three years ago I didn't know there was such a big difference between COS and INF. I was only 17 so I'm using that as an excuse tongue sticking out smiley

I can't even change streams or anything now because I cannot afford to be pushed back a year sad smiley
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