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Assignment 2 : handbook 2nd ed vs. 1st ed.

Posted by Student08 
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Assignment 2 : handbook 2nd ed vs. 1st ed.
May 26, 2007 06:15AM
I'm using the 2nd edition of the handook and find that parts of Assignment 2 Question 3 is only discussed in chapter 14. Volere templates and task analysis to be exact. This chapter is not part of the study material for assignment 2 as assignment 2 only goes as far as chapter 8.

Is this the same in the 1st edition of the book or are the chapter numbers in 2nd ed different?

confused smiley
Re: Assignment 2 : handbook 2nd ed vs. 1st ed.
June 04, 2007 01:19PM
At the time of compiting the assignments, the 2nd edition of the textbook was not available. The chapters have been restructured a bit. The following are differences between the old edition and the 2nd edition:

Chapter 6 in the 2nd edition is completely new and therefore not covered in assignment 2. The material on Data gathering and analysis in Chapter 7 of the old edition has been streamlined and extended and brought together in chapters 7 and 8 of the 2nd edition. The rest of the old Chapter 7 is in chapter 10 of the 2nd edition. Chapter 8 in the old edition is chapter 11 in the 2nd edition. The old chapter 6 is chapter 9 in the 2nd edition.

For the second assignment, chapters 1 to 11 (excluding chapter 6) are important. To accommodate this 'extra' work, the due date for assignment 2 has been extended to 30 June.

Mrs Miller
Re: Assignment 2 : handbook 2nd ed vs. 1st ed.
June 07, 2007 10:28PM
Does the extension of Assignment 2 till 30 June apply to everyone or just the students using the 2nd edition of the prescribed text?

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