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Posted by Kilhra 
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June 08, 2007 07:42PM
How do I add the queries to the switchboard? I didn't see it in the access help file, anyone know?
Re: Switchboard
June 08, 2007 08:31PM
When you design the query save a "copy" of it as a form (right click on the name of the query and then choose Save As .. and then Form) . Then when you are designing the switchboard, treat the query as a form, i.e: the results of the query will be displayed in a form interface: much like your Alter Data forms. This is the only way you can do it unless you want to get stuck into Visual Basic coding! Reply here if you have any problems.

Re: Switchboard
June 08, 2007 11:06PM
Thanks a lot!
Re: Switchboard
June 18, 2007 08:35PM
I am trying to complete the June task of Assignment 3.
I have never used MS Access to create a Switchboard before, so I went into the Help. It says "On the Tools menu, point to Add-ins, and then click Switchboard Manager"
Well,when I click on Tools, Add-ins, there is no option to select Switchboard Manager (it does not appear at all). The only option that appears to select is "Add-in manager", & I then get an error message saying "MS Access cant start this wizard. This feature is not currently installed. Would you like to instal it now?". I am using MS Access 2000 (which is what is prescribed for this module)
What could be the problem?
Re: Switchboard
June 18, 2007 09:21PM
Not to worry re. the above question I posted - I see now that the MS Access Help is in fact incorrect. To access the Switchboard Manager, it tells you to click on Tools, Add-ins, Switchboard Manager. This is incorrect. It is actually Tools, Database Utilities, Switchboard Manager.
Thank-goodness I saw it!

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