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Tutorial 102

Posted by nick@cks.co.za 
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Tutorial 102
October 08, 2007 03:24PM
So tutorial letter 102 says we need to learn one section from Chapter 15.
Am I correct in saying this was the first reference to Chapter 15. I only received this tutorial letter 2 weeks before the exam date. Surely that is too late to inform us of a new Chapter, I know the postal system is bad, but surely they should have let us know a little earlier.
I assume there will be a question from this Chapter considering it has been mentioned.
Anonymous User
Re: Tutorial 102
October 08, 2007 03:33PM
yep you are correct,thumbs up its the first time they mention chapter 15, now we have to cram those sections in the chapterhot smiley
Re: Tutorial 102
October 08, 2007 05:23PM
Hi there,

does it actually matter?What you guys think?

There is so much to learn anyway and that section on metrics is the one section that I found to be very interesting, although incomplete.

Being in the IT industry for 10 years and from point of view I do not agree with him on some of the points.Some points need elaboration spinning smiley sticking its tongue out;secondly he should have also have provided clear, concise examples.

Just read some of the comments in last years the forum for INF-305. There is a blog that offers some cool summaries, key points and examples on the topics in the book

Re: Tutorial 102
October 09, 2007 08:35AM
Is anyone else writting cos311 on Thursday, how the hell am I supposed to cram for a new section for an exam on Friday, if I have an exam on Thursday.
Anyway, hopefully it is a multiple choice question???
Anonymous User
Re: Tutorial 102
October 09, 2007 10:54AM
im writing cos311 & inf305 on thursday & friday hot smiley
Anonymous User
Re: Tutorial 102
October 09, 2007 11:22AM
Note that not the full Chapter 15 need to be studied. If a question is asked from Chapter 15 it will be from Section 15.2.

See tutorial 102 that states: "There is one section from Chapter 15, Section 15.2, which was not included in the assignments, but a question may be asked from this Section."

Good luck for the preperation.
Prof A vd Merwe
Re: Tutorial 102
October 09, 2007 09:41PM
Thanks for the confirmation Professor. I had read that fact, although I still think the notification was way too late.
Anonymous User
Re: Tutorial 102
October 10, 2007 11:49AM
Tutorial letter 102 was uploaded on 2 August 2007 to the Osprey web site. I also send it through to Despatch on this date. I have no control on how long tutorial matter take after I have send it through to despatch.

I think to have an additional 4 pages to study (the length of section 15.2) notification of a few weeks should be enough winking smiley

Good luck anyway with the preperation.

Prof AJ vd Merwe
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