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Posted by ojorb 
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March 02, 2007 01:31PM
Dear students,
The lecturers on INF 206-D have noticed that the prescribed book title on Amazon. Com is “system analysis and design for the system enterprise� this conflict with the title of the prescribed book “system analysis and design for the global enterprise� and still have the same author, ISBN no and same edition.
In solving this we are trying to enquire form the publisher if these two titles contain same content. Sorry for all the inconveniences we will let you know as soon as possible.

INF 206-D lecturer
Re: re-textbook
March 02, 2007 01:33PM
So what happens if the content is different? I purchased my book from Kalahari.net, will I have to fork out another R500 for a new book?!

And in the mean time we fall further behind in our study schedules...
Re: re-textbook
March 02, 2007 04:49PM
I think the two texts may be the same. The one I'm using I bought it from Amazon, and It was handy in helping me do my first assignment. Nevertheless, lets all wait and see. May be the school will give me a refund. lol!!!
Re: re-textbook
March 02, 2007 09:12PM
I doubt they will refund you ;(
Re: re-textbook
March 05, 2007 12:13PM
Dear Student,
This is the reply I got from the publisher saying that the two books are exactly the same.


>>> "Burger, Lucille" <Lucille_Burger@mcgraw-hill.com> 03/05/07 07:44AM >>>

Mrs. Ojo

As discussed with Mrs. Nienaber when I was on campus a few weeks ago. The two books are exactly the same. The author has decided to change th title slightly but the content of the book as well as the price is EXACTLY the same. The students just need to make sure that it is still the 7th edition.

I am the representative for Mcgraw-Hill at UNISA, if you require any further information or assistance, please call me

Lucille Burger
Senior Sales Representative
McGraw-Hill South Africa
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