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I require help with EZwindows and DevC++

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I require help with EZwindows and DevC++
June 15, 2006 04:08PM
Can someone please help me with EZwindows? It's not the code (which is pretty straight forward) but the whole setting up and the way it works with DevC++ is getting me frustrated.

The basic problem is this from what i do and what happens:

I'll install DevC++ of the Unisa CD, then I install the MinGW port and then EZwin. After setting the folders the Unisa CD specify to set in the directory folders (all the include, bin, blah blah blah) and in the project settings for EZwin, all seems fine.

now i start a new EZWin project, name it, save it and it presents me with the APIMain() part with EZWIN in the #include part. BUT on occasion when i've copied a section of code out of the handbook (basic stuff like the Kaleidoscope program) the bloody compiler has problems linking to header files like uniform.h... can anybody tell me if i'm doing something wrong? this is the error messege i got from the compiler:

[Linker error] undefined reference to `InitializeSeed()'

the problem is obviously something with my header files

but when i change #include "uniform.h" to #include "uniform.cpp" it works... confused smiley

i know this is all long winded but i'm having serious problems trying out different programs because they dont want to compile.

Thanx in advance

oh, also, when DevC++ loads for the first time it asks something about creating a cache for the settings or something, where to i reset this?
Re: I require help with EZwindows and DevC++
June 17, 2006 01:17PM
I couldn't get Kaleidoscope to work either.

Re: I require help with EZwindows and DevC++
June 17, 2006 06:35PM
since i posted this thread i've played around with the program again. some of the header and source files aren't "visible" to the project, cause if i copy all those extra .h and .cpp files the Kaleidoscope require into 1 folder and add the kaleidoscope's main file to a new project ( i cant even be bothered to name the projects properly), it works!!!!!!

to be quite honest i think the EZWin thing is shit... tongue sticking out smiley
Re: I require help with EZwindows and DevC++
June 17, 2006 06:44PM
If you have a look at the basic window classes and wizards in more up to date IDE's and compilers, then yes Ezwin is a little pathetic. but I suppoes it is a good way to start. What I did notice is that a lot of the functions mentioned in the prescribed book were not included in the RectangleShaep header file. But on further inspection you'll find that these functions are included in the Shape class and others higher up the Heirarchy, and RectangleShape inherits from these classes. For example SetPosition is not a direct member function of RectangleShape, but can be accessed from it because it is a pretected member function of Shape. (That is if I remember correctly). I last looked at this a week ago, so the exact details might be a little out.
If I compare the Cohoon & Davidson prescribed book with any average C++ reference book of any book store shelf, I have to state that this is not the best written manual I have ever seen. The order in which the have addressed most fundamental C++ concepts seems a little arse end forward.
But then again that's just my opinion (unqualified at best).

avatar Re: I require help with EZwindows and DevC++
June 19, 2006 09:31AM
If you are getting linker errors, then your code is compiling correctly and there is nothing wrong with your code.

What this means is that either uniform.cpp hasn't been compiled to object code so the linker can include it in your executable file or that it can't find the relevant library file that uniform.cpp was compiled into.

I agree with everybody that EzWin is crap. There is at least one bug in the API. If you want to have a better Windows API, I suggest you take a look at Relisoft
Re: I require help with EZwindows and DevC++
November 19, 2006 10:23AM
Hi... I've had to use EzWindows for my first class of programming, being a computer science major. As for compiling ezwindows with dev-cpp, it's a pretty hard task. Fortunatly I have done it. I have a little problem with bitmap graphics, but all else works fine. It's hosted at http://pen.eiu.edu/~jrgalyen -> my programming site. Or an easier way to find it is to go to devpak's website and search for it. It use to be a auto updatable package, but unfortunatly they removed it.

http://osprey.unisa.ac.za/phorum_2005/read.php?16,5525 is my previous post last year abou it. Sorry for this thread being brought up so late. Wish I could have helped you over the summer.
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