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COS112 Discussion classes

Posted by silva_surfa 
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COS112 Discussion classes
May 22, 2006 08:07PM
Aweh peepzz.

On the auspices of Mrs. Le Roux, smiling smiley i have filed this compliment on a wonderful tutorial class held in Durban on the 22nd May..

It was encouraging to see Students attend ( however early or late they might've come smiling smiley) but it went according to plan and people learnt ALOT in this lecture..

Some Complex sections in classes and file handling were covered and an enormous amount was learnt..

What we appeal is for :
1. Feedback from students
2. More attendance at classes since it is increasingly difficult for
lecturers from Jozi to fly on down...
3. Assignments to be submitted on time
4. Queries to be addressed to lecturers.

KeEp it REaL peEpz..


the SuRfA cool smiley
Re: COS112 Discussion classes
May 25, 2006 06:48PM
Wow! Fabulous workshop! Thank you to the lecturers who came down to Durbs – we really appreciate your time and effort. It really shed A LOT of light on the topic, and was fun as well.

To the guys who could not make it - great pity as it was well worth the trip and was extremely encouraging. Also Great to meet other students.

Good luck for Assignment 3!

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