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So about this
May 06, 2006 06:35PM
ok, ezwindows is working fine. I just need to figure the following (see code below): if the window is define as being 8cm wide and 12cm high and at position (5,5). then surely if I have rect1 defined at x=1.0 and y = 1.0 and length of 6 and width of 8, then it should be right in the top left corner and as wide as the form and half its height. right? well its not. smile its way off to the left (outside the left hand border of the form).I need to declare the rect(s) starting with xcoord = 3.0 for it to get even close to correct?
any ideas? thanks so long!

SimpleWindow WindowMain("Question 1",8,12,(5,5));
int ApiMain()
RectangleShape Rect1(WindowMain,1.0,1.0,Red,6,8);
RectangleShape Rect2(WindowMain,1.0,7.0,Blue,6,8);
return 0;

int ApiEnd()
return 0;
Re: So about this
May 06, 2006 06:44PM
apologies. I didn't realize that the coordinates of a rectangle refers to its CENTER coordinates. I thought it referred to its TOP LEFT coordinates.

Re: So about this
June 07, 2006 08:42AM
that took me a while to figure out too tongue sticking out smiley
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