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Tutorial letters for 2007

Posted by franxan 
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Tutorial letters for 2007
January 28, 2008 04:26PM

Does anyone have tut 201/202/203 for 2007 please. Please mail me at francoisv@gloviz.com

Thank you!
Re: Tutorial letters for 2007
February 06, 2008 09:50AM
They are available in the download section in the 2007 folder.grinning smiley
Re: Tutorial letters for 2007
February 06, 2008 09:59AM
thanks Mac.

I found them, but decided against this subject after I saw that CORBA makes out part of the subject matter smiling smiley

Ahhh....the joys of choice!

Thanks for the reply!

Have a great day!
Re: Tutorial letters for 2007
February 06, 2008 02:19PM
I am pretty sure there is no CORBA in this subject. Well, there was none when I studies for it and wrote the exam two days ago.
Re: Tutorial letters for 2007
February 07, 2008 05:20PM
ARRGGGG...im blond tongue sticking out smiley

I was actually refering to Cos419. HAHAHA

But anyway, seems with all the chaos in that subject and a lecturer that does not seem to be really involved, that subject is a REAL no no for me!

go go unisa!! I love it grinning smiley
Anonymous User
Re: Tutorial letters for 2007
February 13, 2008 04:18PM
there wasn't much corba in cos419 either - maybe 4 pages in the textbook?
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