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Previous Exam papers

Posted by Brendonw 
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Previous Exam papers
June 02, 2006 01:48PM
Hi Fellow Sutdents

I have been asked by fellow students about previous exam papers for this module. I then realised that UNISA has somewhere along the line, I do not know when, decided to swop from Turbo Pascal, being the introduction language to C++. I would really like to work through an exam paper using C++. If this is the first year UNISA is offering this course with C++ then where can we find an exam paper with C++? Just a thought.
Anonymous User
Re: Previous Exam papers
June 02, 2006 01:51PM
It's not the first year there using c++. You will get a tutorial letter with last years or whenevers question paper.
Re: Previous Exam papers
June 02, 2006 01:52PM
Thanx gvs.
Re: Previous Exam papers
April 18, 2012 09:41AM
Re: Previous Exam papers
September 10, 2012 04:51PM
Anyone with previous question papers of MAR332-S please kindly help me?
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