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Marks not released?

Posted by Student08 
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Marks not released?
July 04, 2007 03:32AM
Anyone else see My.Unisa showing marks as ## ?

I'm sure it was not doing that just a week ago.

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avatar Re: Marks not released?
July 04, 2007 10:35AM
It's part of the changes made to the MyAdmin page a couple of days ago. I actually kind of like it, gives you more of an idea on what is going on with your assignment. The legend is as follows:

n.a. - not available or not applicable
... - marks still being processed
PP - Portfolio - marks only available as course results
## - marks processed but not not released

What I am not sure about is why with Cos361 the marks we already received for assignment 1 is also ##, but its probably just a bug and will be fixed.

Re: Marks not released?
July 05, 2007 03:08AM
It is quite strange. Both my COS361 assignments show ##. Have you checked yours?
avatar Re: Marks not released?
July 05, 2007 09:34AM
It is a little worrying that the legend says "processed but
not released" because as far as I can remember, the marks were
showing there (well, for me at any rate) up until the change
they made.

If they were already released, but they now show "not released"
then something is very wrong.

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