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Microsoft Developers Courses

Posted by andrevh 
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Microsoft Developers Courses
November 23, 2007 08:10AM
Our company wanted to let its employees do the Microsoft's MSDE (Microsoft's Certified Developers) Course. When we got the books, after NOT a lot of research, we found it has been changed.

The new courses goes with Visual Studio 2005 and not Visual Studio .Net


Visual Studio 2008 has just been released, so I guess there will be new courses again.

This is just to share information in case anybody is enterested in doing something like that.
Re: Microsoft Developers Courses
November 23, 2007 09:26AM
from what i gather it's going to be a while before the 2008 release becomes standard.
i've also got the books for the 70-536,528,547 and will write them all before March 2008.
i'd like to get the Beta of 2008, i can get hold of it , just gonna be some petrol money. have u got it?
Re: Microsoft Developers Courses
November 23, 2007 09:36AM
Here is a link to download it. Hope you do not pay per Mega byte, it is only 3.13 Giga Byte


or skipping above link

Re: Microsoft Developers Courses
November 23, 2007 09:43AM
Re: Microsoft Developers Courses
November 23, 2007 10:27AM
will prob get it if its on local smiling smiley
think i'll just go get it at a friend rather.
linq looks quite interesting
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