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Exam preperations

Posted by djbass 
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Exam preperations
August 21, 2007 03:32PM
Hi guys

i would like to know form the lectures when are getting the stucture of the exam, as we want to prepare for the exam but we don't know how we should approach the content of the module.

in the mean time i am just refreshing my programming knowledge by going thru each and every example in each chapter in the book[Ezust].

i was busy with exercise 2 on pg 71 of Ezust.
i get the ff error pls:
string fract::toString() const
ostringstream sstr
sstr << m_Numerator << " / " << m_Denominator;
return sstr.str();

error details:

fract.cpp:31: error. 'sstr' does not name a type.
fract.cpp:31: error. 'sstr' undeclared (first use this function)
undeclared identifier is reported only once for each function it appears in.

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Re: Exam preperations
August 21, 2007 07:05PM
Before geeting the structure of the exam, i think getting ass3 mark is more important to know if i will be at the exam.

tutorial 101 page 15: the marks have to be
finalized by the second week in August.

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Re: Exam preperations
August 22, 2007 10:42AM

I think the exam admission we already got with the exception that we submitt all assignments and submitted ass 1 before 10th May 2007.

FYI. since 2005-2006 most of students who did cos311 never got 100 credits for all their ass they submitted but because they did submitt all assignments they were given exam admission, so the same should apply to us 2007 students else no one will get the exam admission due to low credits we got on our assignments and many people struggling with the module.

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