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Qt4: building debug libraries

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Qt4: building debug libraries
March 14, 2007 06:36AM
I'm just wondering if its absolutely imperative that we build the debug libraries. Will we be using gdb for debugging in this course? The reason I ask is that a Qt4 installation is around 180-190 MB, but after you build the debug libraries, the size increases to a whopping 1.0-1.1 GB!!!

I'm not happy losing 800MB for something that might never be used because we can always build and run source code in QIde if we choose the "release" option.

Any ideas or comments??

Re: Qt4: building debug libraries
March 14, 2007 01:57PM
To be honest, the only way I got QIDE to work without modifying anything was to compile them debug libraries, and install everything in the order as laid out in the module information on the UNISA cd. Only then did I discover the amount of space it took up...

Then came time for some modifying...thumbs up smiley(thats what I said to QIDE)
Re: Qt4: building debug libraries
March 14, 2007 06:45PM
Upgrade your disk, or add a second disk.

Time is more expensive than disks.
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