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2008 - Should I ?

Posted by visnaicker 
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avatar 2008 - Should I ?
November 17, 2007 02:28PM
I am unlikely to pass cos261 so I might not meet the prerequsite for AI.
I should meet the pre-reqs for OpenGl ( mat103).

I have completed cos311 in 2006 and should complete Operating systems this year, and won't be doing any of the numerical methods modules.

I am wondering whether to carry on with this next year, as I sort of enjoyed cos201 ( not101 though). I would have prefered to do AI/Graphics. But I am allowed 4 modules for the Major ( other 4 will be from INF, I have done 3 so far). I want to finish of my degree in 2008, so of the 7 modules left (..IF I pass current ...) 3 will be third year, and 4 first year ( cem1101etc). It is also a question of finances , I've got this textbook from cos201, and am pinching pennies big time.

I do not have an affinity for this subject, but apart from pumping lemma, I understood cos201 very well.

So of the 3 AI / Graphics / cos301 I need to pick two. Did you feel it was a a misery to have done or have to do this module?
Re: 2008 - Should I ?
November 17, 2007 03:12PM
I loved this module.
AI...well I'm sure if you understand it its quite enjoyable, no experience in graphics tho
Re: 2008 - Should I ?
November 17, 2007 03:15PM
Both AI and Theoretical(301) are very cool subjects.
Re: 2008 - Should I ?
November 17, 2007 05:09PM
Also never got the pumping lema. Unfortunately there is another pumping lema in the second half which I also don't get. But cos301 is till a great subject.

Personally I really disliked Cos340, the book was awfull and the maths didn't make any sense to me. But if you've done the math, it should be much easier for you (I hope).
Re: 2008 - Should I ?
November 17, 2007 06:44PM
I did both Cos351(AI) and COS301. I really enjoyed COS301. The book is really well structured and a good read. The AI course on the other hand has a textbook that is inadequate. We had questions in the exam that weren't even in the syllabus. You have to do a massive amount of extra research. So although I thought I would really enjoy AI, I was left feeling a tad dissapointed at the end of the course. I would go for the COS301 course personally.
Re: 2008 - Should I ?
November 17, 2007 07:57PM
I've also been thinking about doing AI next year but I'm worried that it will be another Cos340 (the reason I have to do one subject next year). I think it should be a cool subject like Peter says but I'm worried about it as a lot of people in the AI forum share a similar view to higveld.
avatar Re: 2008 - Should I ?
November 18, 2007 09:30AM
I did Cos340 & Cos351 this year and need to do Cos301 next year. On financial point of view, Cos301 is the cheapest option. Cos340 was nice and cool to do the graphics, the exam was very practical in asking stuff in theory (lot of learning there) and practical that we had to work with. Cos351 I didn't really understand and a lot of the work I answered from copying info on the internet. Exam wasn't a pleasure either. Didn't really enjoy either *that* much. For me, I need to choose between Cos301/Cos361 for next year, but think Cos301 will be winning.
Re: 2008 - Should I ?
November 18, 2007 09:55AM
You just confirmed what I thought. I really want to finish next year so I'll be taking both Cos361 and Inf320 (HCI) even though I only need one(just in case).

I think AI, like graphics is too high risk for me.
avatar Re: 2008 - Should I ?
November 18, 2007 10:03AM
I've done all the INF subjects, so I'm stuck with the last remaining COS one's.
avatar Re: 2008 - Should I ?
November 18, 2007 11:31AM
Thanks for all the advice.

I wanted to do AI because I wanted to learn about neural networks and understand how OCR works ( work related) but it may be easier to do it informally, and adapt something like googles TESSERACT to my needs instead.

Graphics ... well I don't need it, but it is inspirational, esp with raytracing and shrek and the like. And there are solutions that can be worked out instead of academic theory. I did do mat103 this year.

I may do COS301/340 then to complete the major. Unfortunately work keeps butting in.
Re: 2008 - Should I ?
November 18, 2007 11:56AM
Look AI is heavy. No doubt about it. The exam was horrible difficult. Two of the 9 questions were very unfair imo. Look at the forum and you'll see. But I don't agree with the textbook comments. This is actually seen as one of the best textbooks on the subject. And I enjoyed it a lot.

It is on the other hand a overview of the main AI subjects, some of which is explained in a formal way making it difficult to understand if you don't have the background. For example; I've done doing all the logic courses, 161,261 and this year 361. I found the parts on "knowledge agents", basically loads of Formal Logic, silly easy. Now the parts on "learning agents" with the heavy stats I found very difficult, since I've only done first year stats, even though I got 75% for it.

Also on the paper we got, this is the first year with the new material so that might explain that. Doesn't make me less worried about the outcome though...

Point is AI is not a joke. But don't think 301 is either. Might be relatively easy to understand the concepts but like Formal Logic you can easily make mistakes, very easily.
Re: 2008 - Should I ?
November 18, 2007 06:02PM
i didn't write 332 but from the sounds of it its as hard or harder than graphics. graphics is tough if you can't remember your 1st yr maths. BUT at least its fun, i don't kow if anyone can say that of AI..
COS301 is a total pleasure , the book looks like hard work but thats cos its full of proofs, and you don't realllly have to know all the proofs, just do alot of exerices.. cos301 will take up the least of your time doing , lecture support is good for 301 and 340
Re: 2008 - Should I ?
November 18, 2007 08:55PM
dude AI is a riot! my favorite subject by far smiling smiley

except it was the most horrible exam...
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