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Who is writing the Supp?

Posted by BushMaster 
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Who is writing the Supp?
January 02, 2008 10:01AM
Hey Guys, I really thought I did much better, but I got a supp.
Does anyone remember any questions from the paper. I am finding it hard to prepare for this....again.
Re: Who is writing the Supp?
January 03, 2008 02:46PM
I will be writing the supp and don't remember anything from the past paper...

Just out of curiosity, what mark did you get? I notice lots of people got 47% which seems kind of odd to me...
Re: Who is writing the Supp?
January 03, 2008 02:59PM
yes, 47%. weird

I did get some of the questions. I will post them just now.
Re: Who is writing the Supp?
January 03, 2008 04:18PM
And I got 50% on the head for 2 other subjects. If they had given extra marks to pass me for those then surely they could have done the same with Java. And I actually thought I did well in Java. This is extremely weird. I wish I could have a look at my marked paper now.

I look forward to your questions. Many thanks.
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