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confused smiley Required credits

Posted by Anonymous User 
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Anonymous User
confused smiley Required credits
August 28, 2007 10:10AM
Is there anyone who did not make the required credits and is worried as I am, and cannot afford to write it next year? Not sure to read or not to read in preparation for the exam. hot smiley
avatar confused smiley Re: Required credits
August 28, 2007 11:26AM
We don't need 100 credits anymore to qualify for the exams. I've received a letter telling that exam admission is now based solely on submission of the 1st assignment. But it will be to your advantage to complete all assignments. Well, I think everybody is still confused over this new exam admission type !
Anonymous User
confused smiley Re: Re: Required credits
August 28, 2007 05:02PM
I am in the same situation of not being sure whether I shall be able to write the exam or not. If not calling for too much is it possible to have a copy of the letter that says admission is based on submission of first assignment(if copy is in electronic form or scan if possible).
confused smiley Re: Required credits
August 28, 2007 06:11PM
Not sure what all the confusion is about. It clearly states in tutorial letter COSALL-304 that credits are still what counts toward deciding exam entrance, and I quote: "Credits will, however, still play an important role in examination admission. You still have to obtain at least 100 credits to be admitted to the examination." To further prove this, read tutorial letter 102 for COS-214 which states: "Please note that you will still be awarded credits for all your assignments as explained in Tutorial Letter 101 for COS214, and you still have to obtain at least 100 credits to be admitted to the examination."

As you can see, this means that you still need 100 credits to gain entrance to the exam.
confused smiley Re: Required credits
August 29, 2007 06:05PM
I'll quote from the letter mentioned by lordamp

"In accordance with University Policy students will be admitted to the examination on submission of a compulsory assignment in each of the courses/subjects/modules they are registered for.
Kindly note that even though you may be admitted to the examination on the basis of the compulsory assighnments you must still submit all other assignments required. Failure to do so may affect your year and final examination mark.

Hence the confusion.

p.s. This letter was dated the 21st June, 2007.
confused smiley Re: Required credits
August 29, 2007 06:46PM
I think that first sentence can be interpreted in two ways: either it means that you will be admitted if you complete the compulsory assignment alone OR it could be interpreted that part of the requirement for admission to the exam is the completion of the compulsory assignment (along with the usuall 100 credit requirement). If you think back to previous years, there has always been a compulsory assignment for each module which was required by the Dept of Education to confirm that you're an active student. I think that it would be a very far leap on the part of UNISA to move from requiring 100 credits for submission to only requiring the submission of a single assignment. The second sentence is referring to the fact that you must complete ALL assignments due to the new policy of counting all assignment results toward a year mark which forms 10% of your final mark i.e if you have four assignments and only complete 2 of them because you already have 100 credits, you can only get a maximum of 50% of your year mark which means maximum of 5% (instead of 10%) contributing to your final mark.
avatar confused smiley Re: Required credits
August 30, 2007 10:58AM
Whatever the case. I hope they mark my assignment 4. And i receive my exam letter stating which exams i can write.

Exams are soon
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