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My word ...
July 30, 2007 10:50PM
Has anybody attempted the last question in the 4th assignment, it deals with a fully synchronised stack with guarded suspension. I have implemented the stack just how they have explained in the textbook example (difference is that they explain it with a queue). My stack however is not functioning so well, continually getting array index out of bounds exceptions (implemented array-based stack). I must say that the other assignments for this subject were quite a joke compared to this one, pretty crazy to leave all this in-depth subject matter until right at the end.
Re: My word ...
July 30, 2007 10:56PM
Strike that, got my stack working after finding a couple errors smiling smiley however my last comment still stands
Re: My word ...
July 31, 2007 07:19AM
I think it would be crazy to tackle this module without first having done data structures (COS211) or at least doing them concurrently.
avatar Re: My word ...
July 31, 2007 07:16PM
Yeh this assignment is very challenging. It is good to have such a difficult assignment because your skills will definitely be stretched.

Although I'm saying its good for it to be so difficult doesn't mean I can actually do it. Lucky I submitted all the other assignments tongue sticking out smiley
Re: My word ...
July 31, 2007 10:18PM
You know what the most fantastic thing is? (note the hint of sarcasm) Its that this assignment is compulsory for exam entrance.
Re: My word ...
August 02, 2007 07:02PM
It remains to be seen whether or not this holds with the new ruling on examination admission.
If it does hold, I'll be re-doing COS214 next year. I have just got too many projects going on at work to spend time on this now.
Re: My word ...
August 02, 2007 08:31PM
When I look at the amount of work, I'll never be finished in time. I only completed the chapter 7 exercises and got a major shock to reality when I saw the rest.....I have 124 credits though.....
Re: My word ...
August 03, 2007 07:05AM
I have also only done the first 3 assignments, and I have more than 100 credits. Hoping I can get into exams without the 4th assignment.
Re: My word ...
August 03, 2007 09:07AM
I am correct when I say that we still have tomorrow to hand in, right?


I have skimped on some of the stuff that seemed like a lot of effort that didn't have any direct relation to the actual work that was being tested, 7-2 and 7-6 for example. (I will gloss over those tonight.)

I did spend a lot of time on threading, probably because I find it so damn interesting...

And I'm still waiting for my Ass 3 results, so I don't know what my year mark situation is. (Should be fine - 83 credits without ass 3.)

Good luck to all who are planning an all nighter tonight.

Re: My word ...
August 03, 2007 09:16AM
The target date for the assignment is tomorrow, so yes, you can do it on MyUnisa till just before midnight. Another idea is that you hand it in at 1 of the Unisa post boxes which they will only empty on Monday morning anyway, so you can buy some time that way.....
Re: My word ...
August 03, 2007 10:54AM
FerdieL Wrote:
> The target date for the assignment is tomorrow, so
> yes, you can do it on MyUnisa till just before
> midnight.

Do you mean midnight tonight or tomorrow? My understanding is that we are still allowed to hand in until midnight tomorrow evening?

Re: My word ...
August 03, 2007 11:04AM
Saturday 23:59:59.......Ferdie
Re: My word ...
August 03, 2007 11:17AM
FerdieL Wrote:
> Saturday 23:59:59.......Ferdie

Plenty time. Wie's bang??

Re: My word ...
August 03, 2007 02:28PM
Ummm, I submitted my assignment last night after deciding that I'd had enough of it and was happy with my attempt ... I just checked myUNISA out of interest now and I see that the status for this assignment is 'Closed' where usually it would say 'Resubmit' after an assignment was submitted, I hope I'm seeing things ...
avatar Re: My word ...
August 04, 2007 01:32PM
No you're not seeing things...I mean you are but what you see is real!

After their "upgrade", things have changed a lot.

If you check the time of this post, you will see I was looking for some more info on how to do the questions. Q 7.2, 8.2, and a bit of 11.3 is all I have left to do.

Maybe I'll just submit whatever I can do and then no more assignments for the year is left smileys with beer
Re: My word ...
August 04, 2007 02:14PM
Yep, I've also just submitted my very last assignment for the year.

Good luck with sorting out the last questions. Have a beer on me when you're done. And then some tequila...

Re: My word ...
August 04, 2007 02:20PM
That was also my final assignment for the year but after last night's endeavours, I won't be drinking tequila for a long, long time ... tongue sticking out smiley
avatar Re: My word ...
August 04, 2007 04:12PM
lol I will celebrate for sure. I've just submitted it now YAY! thumbs up
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