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error in assignment 2

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error in assignment 2
October 01, 2007 02:32AM
In question 1 of assignment 2 it looks as if the first while loop should have a || and not && in its logical expression for the function to operate correctly ????
Re: error in assignment 2
October 02, 2007 07:45AM
I don't think so. I did not use while loops at all in my answer of question 1, but having a quick glance at the model answer, it seems ok with &&. As soon as either of the 2 lists are empty the 1st while is exited, and the program will move onto the next 2 while loops - this will pick up the possibility that 1 or the lists was longer than the other.
Re: error in assignment 2
October 02, 2007 09:12AM
Thats correct. There is no error.
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