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Posted by mukwevhoe 
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July 27, 2007 12:53PM
On page 430 of the course book, line 17 of the procedure TfrmAcquisition...
When I type in the CommandText := ctQuery the error message is displayed as 'ctQuery is an undeclared identifier'; Can somebody help.
Re: ctQuery
July 29, 2007 11:29AM
I am having the same problem. I cannot see any book information from my Acquisitions form either, but I can see the data in the other forms (Member and Book tables). Please can someone help if they have had the same problem or know how to correct it.
Many thanks.
Re: ctQuery
August 22, 2009 07:09PM
Hi, Im having the same problem and I can't find anyway to fix it.

Im on the same page and was wondering if anyone ever found an answer?

Language: Delphi
procedure TfrmAcquisition.FormShow(Sender: TObject); begin dmoLibrary.cdsBook.Close; //close before making changes //setting up the SQLDataSet as a query dmoLibrary.sdsBook.CommandType := ctQuery; dmoLibrary.sdsBook.CommandText := ';SELECT * from librarybook ORDER BY BookTitle';; dmoLibrary.cdsBook.Open; dmoLibrary.cdsAquisition.Open; dmoLibrary.cdsBook.Refresh;   end;

Language: Delphi
[Error] AcquisitionU.pas(58): Undeclared identifier: ';ctQuery';

I've checked and DB.pas is listed in USES

If anyone can help me it would be a huge help.
Re: ctQuery
March 31, 2012 03:14PM
Also strugling with the same problem. HELP!
Re: ctQuery
June 28, 2012 01:31PM
I am struggling with the same issue!

Ex16.2 step 4 is giving me a problem.
dmoLibrary.sdsBook.CommandType := ctQuery;
There is red line under only the ctQuery part which indicates it does not recognise it. It does recognise the first part (dmoLibrary.sdsBook.CommandType).
It gives an error: Undeclared indentifier 'ctQuery' at line 57 (57:35)
[DCC Error] AcquireBooku.pas(57): E2003 Undeclared identifier: 'ctQuery'


Ex16.2 step 5, 432 is fine
dmoLibrary.sdsBook.CommandType := ctTable;

The only difference is the form with which these commands are associated. It does not matter (as expected) whether it is ctTable or ctQuery. Therefore I have deduced something must be wrong with the form, TfrmAcquisition, but I cannot see where. Any suggestions were I can look for problems?
Re: ctQuery
June 28, 2012 08:02PM
I have added ,DB under uses (below interface) and it is working now. Now I have a new problem...circular data links.
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