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Assignment 03 Q2

Posted by Neli 
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Assignment 03 Q2
April 10, 2007 01:37PM
Does anyone know why we have the rgpTutmatter.ItemIndex on the btnCalcualte event handler?
Re: Assignment 03 Q2
April 10, 2007 03:07PM
Because depending on the way they decide to receive there tutorial matter, the fee's due will change.

Its a RadioGroupBox and not a standerd groupbox and it has three options:

rgpTutmatter.ItemIndex = 0 (Tutorial matter is sent through post) Cost R99
rgpTutmatter.ItemIndex = 1 (Tutorial matter is sent via email) Cost R52
rgpTutmatter.ItemIndex = 2 (Tutorial matter will be downloaded) Free

Here is a screenshot of the one I did:

If you want the source code I will post it smiling smiley

Hope it helps.

Re: Assignment 03 Q2
April 10, 2007 04:51PM
In other words you mean: from the Tool Pallete, I select TRadioGroup, and then I place 3 radiobuttons on it or what? Soory, but this is not very clear to me...
Re: Assignment 03 Q2
April 10, 2007 09:21PM
What to do:
1> select radiogroupbox from the standerd tab.
2> Scroll down the properties of the radiogroupbox and look for items.
3> Double click on (TStrings)
4> Add 3 lines. Each line will be a radio option when you compile and run it.

Hope you can understand that smiling smiley
Re: Assignment 03 Q2
April 11, 2007 08:20AM
Thanks a lot.

This really helps
Re: Assignment 03 Q2
May 24, 2007 08:04PM
hi skills..

remember me??

sent u those past papers last yr..

anyway cn u send me a copy of your assignment three solution pls? i really like ur style of programming would like to learn.. i handed in mine but its kinda sloppy confused smiley

Thanks bro..
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