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Assignment 3 questions

Posted by Tlelaka 
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Assignment 3 questions
May 20, 2007 02:26PM
Hi Mac

I am struggling to understand some prosedures of the assignemnt

On prac_document.pdf under the heading
Admin : Config : Download it is stated that we have to make sure that /catalog/pub is 777 and /catalog/download is 755. where can i check for that.

secondly on the heading Admin : Config : Cache we need to upload the files indicated below into the cache directory , Where are the files.I have created the cache directory.
Re: Assignment 3 questions
May 21, 2007 05:16PM
The prac doc you must read lightly - ignore the 777 and 755 references. That is server side, and not a concern for you now. Just read the parts that makes sense for you smiling smiley We want you to dsiplay a couple of products, that's all.

The ProceTag option has bombed on us, so strictly speaking I want to go to you shop, view some products, decide which I want to pay and proceed all the way up to paying (PriceTag, which is not working now smiling smiley

Ignore the cache. Once agin, figure out how to create categories (i.e. Sound Sytems) then products within that category (e.g. Phillips, Bose, Telefunken).

The rest is what one could call "personalization" - making the shop yours.
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