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Installation Problems

Posted by Anonymous User 
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Anonymous User
Installation Problems
January 16, 2006 08:22AM
This is the thread for problems/comments related to installation problems.
Re: Installation Problems
February 07, 2006 11:04AM
I have installed everything necessary on both windows (at work) and FreeBSD (at home) and have found no problems.

Just a question, though. Do I have to use phpMyAdmin? Or can I just use normal MySQL commands?
Re: Installation Problems
February 07, 2006 12:36PM
I have installed FOCSERV and PHP Designer with no problems.

I also did the Class Requirements in the Masterskills book. Two of the defined steps in the booklet were not correct. The steps required the following actions:

Step 17: Not required. The CD received already contained the extracted files.
Step 25: If, the file PHP.INI exist in the C:\Windows directory, it should be renamed first before you could continue.

The setup for the Personal Web Server in steps 34-41 was defined for Windows 98. The application for Windows XP Internet Information Services (IIS) is therefor different.

Re: Installation Problems
February 07, 2006 01:00PM
Verity: No need to use phpMyAdmin - whatever you are comfortable with.

Miekie: As per the tut letter - you were only supposed to read through the installation notes in the manual (so that you know there are other ways in whcih to install PHP etc). Section 6 of the tut letter is used for installation of the software we provided. Nevertheless, you've gained some additional experience I guess winking smiley
Re: Installation Problems
February 08, 2006 04:42PM
It seems I am not finished with the installation. When trying to display a PHP file on Internet Explorer with http://localhost/test.php I receive the following error:

HTTP 403.1 Forbidden: Execute Access Forbidden.

It seems I don't have execution access to c:/FOCSERV/www. Any solution for this ?
Re: Installation Problems
February 08, 2006 05:41PM
I guess this is related to the fact that you went through the manual's installations steps and installed Personal Web Server or IIS, whereas you shouldn't have. There can only be one webserver on the machine, and now you have PWS/ISS and FoxServ's Apacher webserver. PWS/IIS seems to be in control here. It dicates what may/may not be used (execute).

We don't want PWS/ISS on your machine at all. Only FoxServ with the Apache webserver.

So, try to remove PWS/ISS. Go to the control panel, add remove programs, and uninstall PWS/ISS (or do it from the Programs menu if you can). Uninstall Foxserv as well.

Reinstall Foxserv. Hold your breath it works since these installations creates a lot of entries that are sometimes not removed by an uninstall.
Re: Installation Problems
February 09, 2006 08:47AM
No, it didn't work. I have already backup all my data. I think the best will be to re-install Windows. I don't have a lot of software on the PC, so it is not a problem. Or is there something else I can try before doing this?
Re: Installation Problems
February 09, 2006 09:37AM
You can try this - Completely Remove IIS4 Server

Bit technical, but this is one reason we don 't want to use IIS since it is so persistent and creeps into all corners of your PC.

I hope you're not using Win2000..... this OS does not allow you anything if this or that - and there and here - is not "managed" in one way or another.

A reinstall might be the quickest.
Re: Installation Problems
February 09, 2006 10:24AM
No, I am using Windows XP. I shall try this steps before re-install Windows XP.
Re: Installation Problems
February 09, 2006 10:56PM
I have check my installation again and then notice that the Apache Monitor was not started. After a lot of investigation, I see that port 80 was already in use by Skype (I use it for home and work purposes). The reason that it work after the first installation, was that Skype was not started then.

I remove port 80 from Skype, restart Apache Monitor with port 80 and all is fine now. I can also display .php files.

But, I have learn a lot while looking for a solution.
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