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Topic 5B

Posted by allenvd 
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Re: Topic 5B
October 04, 2006 10:48PM
this also does not seem to work for me.

THe page does not change colour.

I cannot find the C:\Windows\Cookies folder

i am starting to think that there is not much in the workbook that actually works the way it is.
Re: Topic 5B
October 05, 2006 08:29AM
1. Page not changing colour:
Make sure you use the $_GET statement. E.g. $bgcolor = $_GET['color']; Do this in setcookie.php, before the switch statement.

2. Location of Cookie Folder:
The location of the cookie on XP Pro is in: C:\Documents and Settings\Your User Name\Cookies.
Re: Topic 5B
October 06, 2006 08:22PM
Completed, thanks to page 51 of the Wrox PHP book where I discovered that the syntax for PHP5 is $_COOKIE['cookiename']. Took a while though and quite a bit of frustration... Surely it is unusual for programming software not be be backwards compatible?
Re: Topic 5B
October 08, 2006 04:58PM
Few servers actually run 5 at this time, so see it as good experience.

From previosu sem forum -> change instances of <body bgcolor='<?php echo $bgcolor; ?>'> to <body bgcolor='<?php echo $_SESSION['bgcolor']; ?>'>

And post your ode (or the sections giving trouble) sine there could be other reasons for errors.
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