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Posted by DS 
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1C – 1
March 25, 2008 01:22PM
Good Day All

I trust you all to be well.

I would like to apoligize for being late, probably the latest reply of them allsad smiley
But here goes, my interpretation of the above mentioned question.

Emerging Trends

o Trends that have emerged in regards to the internet is above all a
shift towards online transactions with venders including but not
limited to Online Shopping and Online Banking.
o Information is readily available as people find it more accessible,
flexible, timeous to find information on the internet as apposed to
traditional media e.g. books.
o Also a significant development is the boom of online chat rooms with
more and more people using the internet as a medium to socially interact
for example Facebook.
o The internet has become essential for personal and business
communication; Emailing has replaced post and fax as the most effective
method of communication.
o Almost all documents are now in electronic format and can be sent to
other people over the internet
o Another trend is online data bases, where data can be stored on the
internet and can be accessed from a remote location at any time of day
or night.

Effect on Business and Politics

o With regards to Online Shopping, this has major impact on the way we do
business; e.g. a reduction in show rooms when selling larger items, less
human interaction, lower paper transactions etc, and a greater ease of
use for the customer.
o Online Banking has provided a convenient means to transfer amounts, make
payments etc. with intangible money, and removed the hassle of standing
in a queue at the Bank, thus becoming a preferred method of interaction.
o Internet profiles of companies are readily available, and provide
effective advertising and informational purposes that is cheap and
effective, business opportunities are readily found, and a company can
enhance its presence by making information about it known on the
internet, which is immensely beneficial.
o Chat rooms and social networking sites provide a new means of meeting
people, without actually meeting to them face to face. This is also seen
in business, where some companies interact with their clients via an
internet discussion.
o Many companies form networks and supply chains via the internet to
serve their clients, as orders are placed online and processed by the
different stakeholders.
o Politicians also have their own sites and blogs with which they can
interact with their voters on a new, more personal level than at a rally.
o Online voting is also becoming more feasible, as data is evolving to an
electronic format.
o Online databases and server access is also enabling the practice of
working from home more viable, and business is moving towards this
approach as it provides greater flexibility to employees.

What other things will be affected?

o Interaction with other people will become less personal and move more to
the electronic space. It is not unusual to have a lot of online contacts
spread geographically across the globe and not have met any of them.
Many people are also resorting to online dating as an alternative to
more traditional venues to find a partner.
o Data sharing is now electronic, and media such as movies etc is
transferred to other people via the internet, and available for download
from a website, thus quickly removing the need for buying music CDs and
o As more formats are becoming electronic, the need for libraries etc. are
becoming less certain, as books and resources are available online.
o The more technology grows, the more the internet develops and becomes
integral to more and more areas of our lives.

“Hot� technologies

o Search engines such as Google and Yahoo, internet technologies that can
browse through millions of sites in a few seconds and filter them
according to a keyword, are becoming more valuable, and viable
businesses on their own.
o Tools such as RSS feeds that send updates on topics that interest
individuals straight to their Inbox are an increasingly popular and
useful technology – especially News Feeds.
o Tools such as MSN and the more advanced Skype, capable of sending
messages and even video and audio conversations between two people with
no geographical limitation.
o Social Networking sites like Facebook are being used as a personal
profile for individuals and a centre for social interaction.
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