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Task 1C-1 Question 1

Posted by Lizelle Burger 
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Task 1C-1 Question 1
February 18, 2008 07:45PM
In the future, I envision that the Internet will play an even bigger role in every day life. Much to the extent that one may be at a severe disadvantage without an Internet connect. Every aspect of your life will be online – your work, your hobbies, your shopping, your trading, your banking, your socialising, your education, your health and wellbeing. The actual interaction that human beings will have on a one-on-one basis will decrease tremendously. You may still be communicating with people, but in a filtered and controlled fashion, a face will be replaced with an email address, a website or a chat persona. People will be able to control their interactions by monitoring the sites that they visit, forums they partake in etc.
I think that society is going to be dependant on the internet to go about their daily lives. I think that the sociability of human interaction is going to decrease significantly, bringing the people of the world closer together, bridging the gap, and allowing people from all over the world to correspond. The world is becoming smaller and more accessible to anyone with an internet connection.
I foresee that security and back up procedures will increase as society becomes more dependant on the internet for their personal and financial means. I also foresee that the internet and its use will advance to the stage that voting ballots, political discussions etc will be done online.
Although this may remove the human interaction, functionally via a computer, makes it more accessible, it leaves little room for error. I do think that the travel and tourism industry will be negatively affected, as people become more and more accustomed to visual stimuli via the computer, than actually experiencing it personally.
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