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Task 4C-1

Posted by Humble 
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Task 4C-1
February 21, 2007 09:01AM
The Good, Bad, and Bandwidth-Hogging Ugly

Sometimes it all comes down to opinion...

But every webhound should develop their own ideas of what makes a good web page versus a bad one. It might be the value of the content, the screen design, the appropriateness of the images, the promptness of the display.

The Good

Some for visual effects and some for compelling or highly potent information, some are just fun.

• Electrolux
• Creating Killer Web Sites
• Severe Tire Damage on the Information Superhighway

The Bad and Bandwidth-Hogging Ugly

Here are some places where you can find sites that are at, or lurking near, the bottom of the web barrel, or seem as though they crawled out of a cat's litter box, and thus are worth burying deep in the backyard.

• web pages that suck
• iamsad
• Top 5% of Web Sites (that gave our judges a permanent headaches!)
• Top 10 Ways to Make Your WWW Service a Flop
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