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Task 2C-4 Question 2

Posted by Humble 
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Task 2C-4 Question 2
February 21, 2007 08:57AM
Domain name registration costs


Domain name registration costs depend on the costs levied by the central domain authority PLUS the costs of an ISP to support and provide infrastructure for the domain name.

Domain names are registered with central domain name authorities. For instance, a .co.za domain name is registered with Uniforum, while a .com domain name is registered with, for instance, Dotster.

The domain authorities are responsible for keeping ownership records for the domains registered with them (who-owns-what) as well as to provide the infrastructure necessary to ensure people can find (view web page or send email) your domain name on the internet.

(If you need more info on what domain names are an how they work, please see: "What is in a domain name"winking smiley

Cozahost domain name registration costs


Before we tell you more about how costs are calculated and why they vary so widely between ISPs, here are the Cozahost costs:

Domain name registration with Cozahost includes the following bonus benefits:

Same price for .co.za and .com domain names
A web home page for your domain which you can edit any time
Optional URL forwarding (forward your home page to another web page)
Real time statistics on visitors to your home page.
Upload and publish your company logo, graphic or product specials.
Convert to full hosting at any time, without additional registration costs.
Publish your contact information on the internet.
Move your domain to another service provider at any time, at no cost.
Bonus internet marketing ebook
Cozahost domain name registration is R 249.00 for initial registration and the setup of your home page.

Annual renewal is R 175.00 per year after the first year, ie starting in 2008.

These prices exclude VAT for South African residents, because VAT registered business do not pay VAT (they only collect and pay over to the tax man), all other costs are included however - ie the domain authority registrar fee, bandwidth costs, support, etc.

Can we really say that we get free domain registration today???

It is more a question of give a little, take a little.
Re: Task 2C-4 Question 2
July 18, 2007 11:29AM
Site1 : http://www.sadomain.co.za/services/300-syndicate.asp?gclid=CL_ygILfoY0CFR1KXgod5WCj0g
Cost : R100 to register and R100 for yearly renewal

Site2 : http://www.intus.co.za/
Costs : R185 to register and R85 for yearly renewal

Site3 : http://www.adept.co.za/
Costs : R115 to register and R115 for yearly renewal

Site4 : http://www.cozahost.com
Costs : R249 to register and R175 for yearly renewal

A fixed and constant price for domain name registrationis charged the central domain name authorities. This means that there is a flat fee payable for .co.za domain registrations. The ISP will charge extra for providing additional services for your domain name. Depending on the level of the additional services, the profit margin of the ISP and their pricing strategy, domain registration prices can vary greatly.
No ISP will provide free domain registration, since a domain name is worth a thousand times more than it's registration costs once it is being used
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