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Lesson 6A-1
January 20, 2007 08:21PM
Lesson 6A-1

1. There is disassembling tools like W32Dasm that you can download with a guidelines on how to deface web sites and check .

Here are some of the downloads available

Dinkey Dongle Developer's Manual - (564k).
Eutron SmartKey Dumper - (90k).
FLAIR tools v4.9 for IDA - Fast library recognition for IDA (1Mb).
HASP/Hardlock API Monitor v0.07 - API monitoring utility for HASP/Hardlock (979k).
HL-DUMP v2.0 - Latest Hardlock dumper by Sp0Raw.
IDA Tutorial by |nAbOo| - Must read guide to using IDA for newbies (502k).
Interactive Disassembler Pro (IDA) v4.9 SDK - for making your own plugins (6.37Mb's).
Sentinel De-VM - IDC script for IDA, for use with the Sentinel shell (1k).
SentinelLM Vendor ID to Serial Number - Calculate a SentinelLM SDK installation S/N for your desired Vendor Id (619k).
WinManage v1.0 - 605k.
Wlscgen.exe For You - Creating your own Wlscgen courtesy of Mayaputra.
Wkdmpusb - Unverified dumper for USB Wibu keys (28k).

Certain tutorials teach you how to bypass registration or serial numbers of pirated software in order to gain access to updates etc.
There is also cracking directories to gain access to their libraries filled with scripting, codes etc

This site illustrates ping attacks

To prevent things like this I would suggest using a different browser instead of internet explorer as it is safer. Continuously upgrading your fire walls and antivirus software and also having useful software to detect spyware or a pierced line.

I feel that the info shared has the advantage of administrators getting to know how their networks are being attacked and therefore being able to secure the network even more by improving the network security settings yet it has its downfall as it creates an opportunity for crackers to improve their skills as well as creating new ideas for beginners.

Yes Network administrators should monitor these sights at all time to upgrade his network security settings. If anything harmful to his network arises he could take the necessary precautions to prevent it.
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