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Final Projects "Show Off"

Posted by WjS 
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Final Projects "Show Off"
November 30, 2006 10:55AM
Hi everyone!
This thread is for those of you who wants to post their final project for the class
to see. It would be great to see what creations my classmates came up with.

Ok Ill Start.
My site was for a guy i use to work with. Hes got a construction company.
url: http://www.bosmore.co.za
Re: Final Projects "Show Off"
December 03, 2006 08:11PM
mmm.... maybe all the other students are on holiday already?
Re: Final Projects "Show Off"
December 04, 2006 09:20AM
tongue sticking out smiley
Can you post some of your creations? Since were the only 2 Not on holiday.
Re: Final Projects "Show Off"
December 04, 2006 10:47AM
no I am the poor lecturer only...
Re: Final Projects "Show Off"
December 04, 2006 11:13AM
Hi, here mine,
It's about a imaginary place in the Waterberge.smile
Re: Final Projects "Show Off"
December 04, 2006 04:56PM
Nice site! i Like the java script. Well done! Hope Tobie Gave you full marks!
Is that a real place "Golden Swallow Game Lodge"? If so why dont you get a www.XXXXXX.co.za site? Its like R240 a year including hosting and domain.
Re: Final Projects "Show Off"
December 05, 2006 07:10AM
yes there is a thread on MyADSL that has some info on doing this:
The website for domain registration is http://co.za/ There is no www in front of it. Go to that address and all the details are there as to how to buy a domain name. Will cost you R50.00 a year.

You would then require an ISP to host your website and email address. Go to http://www.hellkom.co.za/hostprices.php?type=linuxlocal&order=title for ISPs that offer hosting. The prices for hosting range for R19.00 a month upwards. Many of the hosting ISP’s actually do all the registration of domain names for you and the initial set up on their systems.

Unless you are going to leave your computer running 24 hours a day and have a permanently assigned IP address you cant host it yourself.

Your email address would then be whatever@mydomianname.co.za.
Re: Final Projects "Show Off"
December 05, 2006 09:08AM
Ye, The host ive got is host4africa.com. I pay R9 p/m for basic hosting with unlimited traffic usage,10mb webspace, 5 mailboxes and R100 for them to register the domain.
Re: Final Projects "Show Off"
December 05, 2006 03:37PM
No - The Golden Swallow Lodge does not exist. I made it up.
Re: Final Projects "Show Off"
December 19, 2006 12:24PM
Hi Guys

Your projects looks stunning I have a Blog all about me http://myweb.absamail.co.za/ladyj/Angel_history will move it later when it become a interactive site.
Enjoy your Christmas and have a prosperous new year
thank yousmile
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