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PSP clarity pls

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PSP clarity pls
September 03, 2006 10:12PM
Hi Toby
I have been unable to log into the net for a few days now
I had some service provider errors and fell a bit behind
I just want some clarity on the PSP where do I go after the PSP4.14 and were does CSS stop seems I find more about CSS every time I open a LINK

I know silly questions but detrimental to me today
I hope this finds you

Thank you Jessi
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Re: PSP clarity pls
September 04, 2006 03:42PM
after version 4 you can install versions 5, 6 and 7 - the last you will need if you are going to do the button roll-over exercises

CSS - I am a bit confused - which links are you referring to?
Re: PSP clarity pls
September 04, 2006 04:36PM

The links with in the material found inside the download folder. Do I go on from 4.14 straight to the Java lessons or should I be doing something else first.


thank you

Jessi eye popping smiley
Re: PSP clarity pls
September 05, 2006 07:05AM
No follow the instructions in assignment2.pdf in the assignments folder on your CD - there are many extra things in the downloads folder that are optional.

i.e. do
Section 2: Graphics Preparation - PaintShop
then do
Section 3: An Introduction to JavaScript

Re: PSP clarity pls
September 05, 2006 03:41PM
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Thank you major confusion resolved


JESSI smiling smiley
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