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TASk 6A-1

Posted by isaacm 
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TASk 6A-1
August 20, 2006 06:53PM
Some of the Web sites that discuss techniques for hacking are http://www.hackr.org ;http://www.hnc3k.com; Http://www.iwar.org.uk/hackers/resources; http://www.cyberangels.org/hacking.html

Over and above well known techniques like spoofing and smurfing and other types of Denial of Service (DoS) techniques, another common technique is password cracking which involves unauthorised access to user passwords in a network for the purpose of performing malicious damage to a computer network.

Examples of hacking tools are “L0phtCrack� used to decrypt Windows NT/2000 passwords and protocol analyzer or network sniffer such as “Sniffer Pro" and “Etherpeak�

How to prevent the hacking techniques

* Audit your organization! Do a walk through and make sure passwords are not stuck to monitors or under keyboards.
* Use strong, difficult to guess passwords
* Ensure regular amd secure backups of critical organisational data
* Educate end users about all possible hackig and cracking scenarios.
* Use of reliable and credible antivirus software and firewalls

Is it good that hacking details are freely vailable on the Internet?

Yes and No.

Yes; because most hacker and cracker sites are actually sources of valuable information about hacking and cracking, tools and techniques used in the trade, as well as possible solutions to prevent or avoid being hacked or cracked

No; because some Web sites offer tools and techniques that can be used for hacking and cracking for download by the general public.

Should network administrators monitor hacker sites?

Yes; so that they can gain technical knowledge of how hackers and crackers work for them to be able to counteract any hacking attempts
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