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Task 4C-1

Posted by sandra 
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Task 4C-1
August 06, 2006 10:09PM
An example of a bad website is www.umgeni.co.za

The home page takes a long time to download as there are unnecessary graphics and flashing pictures displayed. Drop down menus are displayed from the link buttons as you scroll over them, but these menus are obscured by the graphics and text which is already on the page, and thus they are illegible. The website has been designed using a screen resolution which is not compatible with mine, and you need to scroll laterally to see the whole page. There is also inconsistency with use of company logo, fonts and paragraphing of text.

The download time might result in a person not waiting to see the site. The inaccessibility of the drop down menus make the site hard to navigate, and would probably irritate the user. Having to scroll laterally constantly would make reading all text time consuming. Inconsistent use of logos, fonts and paragraphing creates an unprofessional image and makes the user reluctant to trust the company.

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