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Task 4C-1

Posted by JessieBes 
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Task 4C-1
August 02, 2006 01:13AM
1. A poorly designed website.


2. What Sort of Problem is Evident?

The background stays the same throughout all the pages of the website, but besides that there doesnt really seem to be a definate theme for the pages. The menu items' positions on the page is inconsistent and this quite annoying. They have removed their contact info because of a spam attack which is an understandable reason but there isn't much of a point to their advertising then as you can't contact them. This isn't a site I'd really write home about or anything.

3. From the perspective of a customer or user, what is the negative impact of the problem?

There is no contact number so a prospective customer won't be able to contact them & the site doesn't really say anything about where they are located, what their costs are etc. Because of these reasons most people would decide to find another business site that is more user-friendly & engaging.

4. What could be done to improve the site?

1. Find a different theme and keep the theme consistent through all pages.
2. Provide some sort of contact info.

I found so many badly designed sites that it would take days to discuss all of them. The point is if you're just going to throw a lot of stuff together without really planning the theme, layout and purpose of your site - don't even bother creating a site in the first place! First impressions last and you want prospective customers/users getting a good first impression if you want them visiting your site on a regular basis. [/b]
Re: Task 4C-1
August 05, 2006 09:39PM
I reviewed a few poorly designed web pages. My favourite was:
1. The main logo had 3 different font sizes and types. I found it difficult to read because it was not flowing.
2. Adjacent to this loge were two other flashing but smaller logos. They were distracting and difficult to focus on.
3. To much info on one VERY long page. There were 3 vertical rectangle frames with different size fonts in each. The page seemed to have no ending.
4. There were interesting inserts but you need a lot of time to sift through all the info.
1. I would streamline the logos to enable the user to focus on what is important. One flashing item at a time is sufficient not three.
2. Format the logo font size for the whole logo.
3. Shorten the page and rather divide one long page into 2 or 3 with appropriate "Next Page" and "Previous Page" navigational buttons.
Re: Task 4C-1
August 15, 2006 09:40PM
Came across lots of bad websites, but please have a look at this one: http://www.winelands.co.za


1. The logo on the home page doesn't look professional. The 3 pics are not similar in size and the colour doesn't fit the page.

2. If you click on the accommodation tab on the left, it comes up with a new page. On this page the buttons don’t display and it looks very unprofessional.

3. Navigation on the left also isn't designed well and the colours are disgusting. It looks like a home-made job to me.

4. There are many other problems, please go check it out.

This site must have a negative impact to it's owners. If I was looking for a company to export wine and came across them, I surely wouldn't use them.

My suggestions for this site:

Please, please, please redesign the entire site as soon as possible and spare yourself the embarrassment!!

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