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Task 2C-4 Question 2

Posted by Siliken 
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Task 2C-4 Question 2
July 21, 2006 11:32PM
I located the following domain name registration services on the internet:
Gordon Barker 083 698 0453 or +27 11 807 4034

The following table indicate cost to register different domain names:
Domain Details (ZAR) Term
za.com South Africa - Global R400 (R400 / 2 years)
co.za South Africa - Commercial R300 (R70/year + R230 Once-off)
com International - Commercial R245 (R245/year )
net International - Network R245 (R245/year )
org International - Organisation R245 (R245/year )
us.com United States - Global R700 (R700 / 2 years)
uk.com United Kingdom - Global R700 (R700 / 2 years)
uk.net United Kingdom - Global R800 (R800 / 2 years)
gb.com Great Britain - Global R700 (R700 / 2 years)
gb.net Great Britain - Global R700 (R700 / 2 years)
br.com Brazil - Global R700 (R700 / 2 years)
cn.com China - Global R700 (R700 / 2 years)
eu.com European Union - Global R700 (R700 / 2 years)
hu.com Hungary - Global R700 (R700 / 2 years)
qc.com Quebec - Global R700 (R700 / 2 years)
sa.com Saudi-Arabia - Global R700 (R700 / 2 years)
se.com Sweden - Global R700 (R700 / 2 years)
se.net Sweden - Global R700 (R700 / 2 years)
uy.com Uruguay - Global R700 (R700 / 2 years)
co.uk United Kingdom - Commercial R400 (R400 / 2 years)
net.uk United Kingdom - Network R400 (R400 / 2 years)
org.uk United Kingdom - Organisation R400 (R400 / 2 years)
info International R245 (R245 / 1 years)
biz International R245 (R245 / 1 years)

The money for domain name registration goes to the ISP and ICANN.
http://www.ourchurch.com/hosting/domain-name-hosting.php provides free domain name registration.
Re: Task 2C-4 Question 2
July 25, 2006 07:16AM
There are a lot of domain name registration services for example:

The costs involved depend on the specific provider:
www.sadomain.co.za for co.za R200 + trail e-main 1 year, R92 renew per year

www.anno.co.za for .com R125 1 year, R125 renew per year
.co.za R125 1 year, R75 renew
also gives free doamin when signing up for hosting

www.freedomain.co.nr - free domain name but charges for website hosting

The registration name fee goes depends on the cost levied by the central domain authority and the cost of the ISP to support and provide infrastructure for the domain name.
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