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Task 1C-1 Question 1
July 20, 2006 10:27AM
Taking into consideration that the internet is growing at a vast rate and the new technolgies such as broadband, ISDN, ADSL, 3G HSDPA makes accessing and sharing information on a global bases much easier. Taking this into consideration I see the internet evolving into virtual mirror world of to days society if giveing an example of this would have to refer to the movie "The Matrix" where we live in the the physical world but working and doing our shopping and advertising in the virutal mirror world. The potential is vast and is on limited by a person own imagination.
Anonymous User
Re: Task 1C-1 Question 1
August 09, 2006 07:44PM
If we consider how far we have come from the 1st internet- the possibilities for the future are endless- main points of improvement is speed, amount of data flow and access, Artificial intelligence- and on these points the future could hold things that blow our minds- a computer with a 600 gig HDD and wireless connection to the internet could come in the size of a samsung D500 and smaller- that also has holigram projections as your web browser that verbally communicated with you!
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