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Posted by xabaa 
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July 20, 2006 09:08AM
These are the sites:


This site is cluttered with the much dense colour, that it does not attract you,and it is not easy to find information thet are talking about. It is difficult to go back to where you started.


There is a lot of business card put in a unsystematical way, you get easily confused endind not being able to find what you really want.

The website having a lot of reading to do discourages the person who searches for immediate info. And when there is such a dense color it sorts of put you off and having also bright colors.

The website while it must sell it should not be pakked with business cards compressed together, let it have spae to breathe, let it consentrade at one object finish it then goes to another.


Go for it and tell me what you think of it
Re: TASK 4C1
July 20, 2006 04:16PM
Hi there

Came across your topic and checked the sites out.

I found that www.kayafm.co.za although a very colour full website is very slow in displaying with all the graphics that there using, when opening some of the links it doesn't even the display some of the graphic only once u request the page to refresh does it display all the content.

Suspect the bandwith there operating it on my be to small to give an effective transfer rate.

Looking at www.thepalm.co.ae must love the graphics and the the idea of animation but really get tiresome if u constantly have to wait for the page load so long click on one of the links. Can see the Trump Organization is more behind the palm real estate idea but it is a shame he didn't get a proper webpage designer to do the page.

Found a webpage that i really think is also badly designed
There is literally to much on the page, at first glance one gets the idea the guy really wanted to bore prospective vistors to death. It has a slow response on loading must be the multitude of buttons in corporated. Did not spend to much time here cause even if a was interested in finding info on this page it might take me months to find what i was looking for. Bad Design, Bad Framing, Slow response, Useless pieces of information scattered all around.
Re: TASK 4C1
August 11, 2006 01:33PM
I have checked out the site below which tell you about the problems with other sites, but I think this site have its own problem with a background that make it difficult to read anything on the screen.


I have also checked out the site you mentioned www.pwmi.org, and yes too many different colors and not organised at all.

Below is another site with the correct name, it sucks, too many things on one page, download forever.

I think the site below is a better model of how a page should look like.

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