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Task 4C-1

Posted by wielietjie 
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Task 4C-1
July 19, 2006 01:41PM

5.1.1 It takes a while to download the site. The navigation to different courses from the home page is not very clear. Help on where to ask for help on using the web site is difficult to find.

5.1.2 The implication of the problems are that a prospective student does not find what he/she wants and finds another organisation to follow a course.

5.1.3 Improvements can be to minimize the graphics and give more useful information and directions.

5.2 www.kangaroocenter.com

5.2.1 It is a very confusing site. Photographs and logo’s are combined together. Photographs to big. The buttons are not organized. Frames do not run in the same direction. Fonts to big for the screen.

5.2.2 The implication of the problems are that a prospective person does not finds what he/she want and does not visit the place or choose something else to do. Thus the advertiser looses clients.

5.2.3 Improvements can be a more organized web-page with smaller pictures. The pictures must also be separate.

5.2.4 The fonts can be smaller and the buttons can be neatly spaced underneath each other or use a panel with links instead of the buttons.
Re: Task 4C-1
July 21, 2006 03:06PM
I had a look at www.kangaroocenter.com.

It a very lovely photo of a Kangaroo in a nice environment- and the designer wants to show the photo off (as a photo and as background)- and not what the site has too offer
The design of the web page is very unfriendly.(style and usability not balanced at all)
the page is to big with too much spaces saying nothing.
The page takes a bit to long to download - and you do not see anything happening - you have to scroll down to get to the navigation buttons.
The fluttering butterflies in the photo gallery are irritating

I would suggest:
Make the photo smaller (too only fill the screen or smaller)- still use it as background if wanted.
Make more use of all functions for frames
put all the navigation buttons on the opening page
Re: Task 4C-1
July 22, 2006 01:28AM
Well done for founding www.kangaroo.com . Because nowadays, it is not easy to find badly designed websites. Most of the websites now have a clear navigation scheme at least.

This website doesn’t have a consistent navigation scheme. In fact when you are browsing deeper in the website, you don’t have any more navigation buttons.

So, I really agree with all your comments on navigation as well as those on photos (not a standardized size).
Re: Task 4C-1
July 25, 2006 07:27AM
I had a look at the site and agree. The picture should not dominate the site and should be made to fit. You also have to scroll down the page which is not very nice - poor navigation.
I also think the page has too much content - it should be simplified.

It is quite easy to find sites with bad web designs. If you search you will find quite a few sites dedicated to listing these sites. For example www.bytestart.co.uk.
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