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Task 4C-1

Posted by pennysandrews 
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Task 4C-1
July 19, 2006 11:48AM
I found this web site
that daily posts bad web sites. Today's worst web page, according to this web site is http://hickoryonline.com/hickory.asp

It is a web site for a Home Town called Hickory. And it is bad. Everything scrolls all the time. The home page (beside being ugly - colour scheme wise) is basically a list of scrolling links surrounded by flashing and moving adverts. If you click on a link for, lets say, estate agents, you get to a page with another scrolling list of all the estate agents, and the same thing happens for all the links - places to stay (a scrolling list), places to play golf (a scrolling list). Also, the lists move slowly, so if you didn't mind the scrolling you would still have to wait to get to the link you wanted as you watched them slowly scroll by.

Problems that are evident:

The header is very busy and it takes a while to figure out what you are looking at. Your eye is not immediately drawn to the web page / site name (through all the busynessI eventually saw that it was Hickory Town's web page).

The moving, flashing and colourful ads are very distracting and over shadow the important content of the page.

The colour scheme is unpleasant.

There is a box near the bottom of the page with scrolling text in it. It moves quite fast but by reading a few lines I realised it was a news block with headlines scrolling by. Then unpon closer inspection and by squinting my eyes I could see a heading above the block stating that the block contained "World news and events". This heading was in a small font, not bold, but worst of all, black on a bark blue back ground.

Negative impact

I probably won't go there again and doubt if I would recommend it to anyone. It is not exciting or engaging. It doesn't make you want to jump in a plane and go to North Carolina to find a town called Hickory.


The actual image for the header is actually quite nice, they should just make it more prominent. Make it bigger and the whole width of the web site. It should be the first thing that catches your eye.

The background is too busy. If they want that repetitive writing pattern they should make it a watermark or somehow less "solid" so that is fades into the background (seeing as it is the background).

Also, the picture they have of the town, over which all the links are scrolling, is really nice. They should perhaps enlarge this as well to make it more prominent.

The "world news and events" is really unnecessary as I doubt if anyone who wants to see what was happening in the world will log onto hickoryonline to see what's going on. There are loads of better places to see the news.

Their use of colour could be rethunk. They use both red and pink on the same page and everyone knows that red and pink should NEVER be seen together - it makes one a little queasy.

The moving adverts should all be placed in one spot and should not be as big or bigger than the things that are important on the site.

The home page, in my opinion, should be simple and engaging, quick to upload and easy to navigate through.
Re: Task 4C-1
July 20, 2007 11:12PM
Thanks Penny for the worstoftheweb web address. I went there and found a web address for a design company.

The site is slow, poorly designed and not user friendly and would not encourage me to make use of their services. The colours are dull (black predominately used). The pictures of the products are small and not clear and do not encourage anyone to make use of their services. The text is almost illegible over a dark picture. For a designing team, one would think that their web page would be more vibrant and dynamic to attract clients.

Some of the buttons lead to a dead end or to an unavailable web page eg the price list web page.
Re: Task 4C-1
July 25, 2007 08:44PM
Many small things can make a web site good or bad, depending on how they are applied. From the size, type and colour of font used to content that is displayed. A site like www.rense.com is a example of a bad web site. The main page is far to big and has to many images. As one scrolls down you are greeted with hundreds of links to other places. Yet any descriptive text about the site is lacking. Near the bottom of the site one discovers a link to a welcome page that explains the site. By this it I have already lost interest in the site. If I was searching for something and the search engine linked me to this site I would have moved on even before the 5th image finished loading. This site could improve by displaying a welcome message, decreasing the number of graphics as well as splitting the page into a few smaller pages and grouping the links on these pages.

Another eyesore is http://www.dokimos.org/ajff/. One is greeted by a rainbow of moving colour bands as a background, irritating music, small text with poor contrast, and leaving you with no idea why you went to the site in the first place. If the browser has not been maximised then all the text bunches together. This site could do with a total makeover. Removing the background and replacing it with a fixed neutral colour. Improving the size and contrast of the text.

A good site should load fast, have a focal point, relevant information which is displayed in an easy to read format and capture the internet users attention and draw them deeper into the site. The internet user should not have to scroll much on the page and be able to grasp the reason for the existence of the site. The web site designer must remember that the web is vast and there is thousands of site out there with similar info. Thus one needs to stand out else be drowned by the other sites.
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