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Task 6A-1

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Task 6A-1
July 15, 2006 09:19PM
Hackers Tools The tools listed below was designed for legitimate use and are being abused for hacking purposes. This can be freely obtained from Hacker sites.
Ø Coldlife 4.0
Ø Fport 1.33
Ø John the Ripper 1.6
Key Loggers, are programs that record keystrokes from the computer keyboard and either logs it to the computer or sends it to its maker through a built in e-mail engine.
(Passwords & account numbers ect.)
Ø WebMail Spy
Ø Free scratch and win
Techinques: The stages use to launch these attacks; Target selection, Target Identification, Attack method selection & Attack progression these than supply feedback into the process as more information is gathered from failed attacks. The major techniques used to accomplish the phases of hacking include.
Ø Eavesdropping & Snooping
Ø Denial-of-service
Ø Protocol exploitation
Ø Impersonation
Ø Man-in-the-middle
Ø Hijacking

From my personal experience is SPYKILLA this software appeared as a pop up while doing the research on this topic and I accidentally opened it instead of closing. This software downloaded everything it was as if someone was in control, dialing up explicit sites automatically, opening web pages. Try to uninstall the program a quest on its own.
The following viruses piggybacked along; Trojan horses, Sassie Internet worm, Vudoo, Backdoor and a few more all this at two in the morning.
Prevention: Use your firewalls and a reliable anti virus software if it is a site secure it and check regular for new and improved ways of protecting your assets.
About Info: I feel it is bad if you allow so much destructive information to be given freely to every Tom, Dick and Harry, you’re ensuring that some innocent user’s life are being complicated. Some cases even worse might get mugged online.
Administrators: By regular monitoring and investigating of all downloads from these sites I believe it will curb down on crackers all together by recording the IP addresses will make them think twice if a message reminds them that they are being watched. (Tracking the crackers)

The URL will supply you with 350 other. http://www.thenetworkadministrator.com/rats.htm

thank you....
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