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Task 1C-1 Question 1

Posted by Reinie 
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Task 1C-1 Question 1
July 14, 2006 11:46AM
The internet trend is mostly positive on the community and worldwide. It opens door especially to people whole live in rural areas.

Some of the trends:
• more people using ASDL -broadband - and they access the internet more often than people with normal landline modems - dialing in is out - 24/7 access is in!
• wireless connection will take over – wi-fi, cellphone providers, bluetooth
• more online shopping
• concerns about privacy and security
• internet users use the internet as their main source of information.
• Bussines is not location restricted anymore
• Voice over internet - like Skype
• chat rooms and webcams (see the person you are communicating with)
• webcam sites showing what’s going on at waterholes in game reserves
• you don’t have to leave your house anymore to be socially active anymore
Anonymous User
Re: Task 1C-1 Question 1
July 16, 2006 10:16AM
Some more:

- Wireless access in coffee shops & restaurants. E.g. Starbucks
- Learning centers with internet access in rural areas.
- Chat room security is a concern.
- Interactive websites are increasing
- Broadband download speed is a lot faster than normal landline modems.
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