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Task 4C-1

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Task 4C-1
July 12, 2006 11:34PM
Task 4C-1
Went looking for bad sites on this site and ???
You would want to strangle me for this but the site that I found to be bad was the one referring to bad sites = (http://www.webpagesthatsuck.com/oldsplash/ )
I did not find the pages in good taste as the use of colour is so buzzzy it made me feel queasy especially the page the above link leads too. I don’t know if that was the idea of the person or whether it was done with good taste in mind??? I won’t know
I do find the site informative though very much so… but still the colour scheme and the unreliable links as only one worked the rest could not be located.

tx Jessi
sad smiley
Anonymous User
Re: Task 4C-1
July 16, 2006 01:19PM
If you think that one is bad, try this one:


Problems with the site:

- Too many ads
- Slow download time
- The colors are just wrong
- Poor navigation

Negative impact on the user/customer:

- Can't figure out what the site is really about.
- A boring site to begin with
- The user would never return
- Navigation buttons are everywhere, except where the user would want them

How the site could be improved:

- Redo the color
- Make use of fewer ads, or construct the layout better.
- Establish a usable navigation system
- Make it clear what/whom the site is about
- Use better graphics
Re: Task 4C-1
July 16, 2006 04:55PM
Try www.somethingawful.com/jeffk/

Apart from the fact that we're BLASTED BY CAPITAL LETTERS, with only one font, that remains nearly the same size and colour through the whole site...

Apart from the ugly page design and terrible colour scheme...

Apart from the incoherent, unintelligible babbling by the author...

Apart from the lack of a coherent web-site structure...

The guy is a complete idiot and shouldn't be allowed to turn on a computer, never mind get close to one. I wouldn't even let him look after my goldfish for an hour.

I can't suggest any improvements, apart from an entire site overhaul by an intelligent person... No, the site should be scrapped.
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