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Task 2C -4 Q.2

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Task 2C -4 Q.2
July 12, 2006 10:40PM
Domain Name Registration services:
My Domain = They charge $8 to register then offer free maintenance services such as DSN management services are a little pricey.
·They supply hosting packages from $5.95/m to $22.50/m
depending on the package you take a little steep.
·An yearly renewal fee of $8.50 are required but grant free
access to all available features on the site.
·The funds goes as follow 25c are poured into ICCAN the
developers & ISP this is what I could noticed no confirmation could be done on the site.

Go Daddy = Offer free registration and domain transfer’s which seem reasonable it does not include your 25c ICCAN fee. The pricing on their packages offered are not to steep.
·info, is rated the cheapest at $5.99/1yr and at $ 6.89/10yrs
·com, org, net, biz, are almost rated the same from $8.95/1yr to
about $8.50/10yrs.
·tv, has the most costly rate at $34.95/yr and at $29.41/10yrs.
·They require you to pay a 25c ICCAN fee, which will be included in
the renewal on your name, this will be at normal rates.
·They are 70% cheaper then the competition they say; however could
only establish where else the funds go; apart that 25c are poured
into ICCAN the; developers & ISP.
I located a few ISP but could not find one that register domains for free the lowest I found was UK2. Let me know when you find one please
Tx Jessi

Re: Task 2C -4 Q.2
July 14, 2006 03:27PM
I also haven't found one free domain name registration, although there are some where one can gets free email addresses.
Re: Task 2C -4 Q.2
July 16, 2006 10:34AM
R170.00 - R285.00 per year depending on the level on domain name

R89.00 - R305.00 per year depending on the amount of domains



Registration fees are split amongst ICANN, ISP and Domain Name Registration.
Anonymous User
Re: Task 2C -4 Q.2
July 16, 2006 11:23AM
Domain name registration:

- R9.99 p/m
- R50.00 (Registration) + R50.00 (First year admin fees)

- R14.00 p/m 2MB
- R200.00 (Registration)
- R100.00 (Annual renewal)

Registration fees are also split amongst the ISP, DNR & ICANN

Free domain name registration:


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