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Task 1C -1 Q.1

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Task 1C -1 Q.1
July 12, 2006 08:07PM
·The increase of information on the net (www) will soon cause the need
for physical libraries to die out in up market residential areas.
·Cheaper and easier way of advertising globally will lead to a higher
·The growing ability of Web communication like Instant messengers; video
patching conferences and “pc� to “pc� calls just a few ways to connect
globally at Cheaper rates.
·With the growth of users for Online shopping and banking makes for
easier and safer way of dealing and decrease your chances of being
mugged and sorter queues in banks ☺
·Free and reliable software and information sharing in due to Open
source it gives everyone the opportunity to take part in the world of
·Hi – tech cellular equipment giving you easy access to a world of
information the possibilities are endless.

Re: Task 1C -1 Q.1
July 13, 2006 03:33PM
- Faster technolgies to access the the internet will emerge.
- Children will again start to read, although not from books.
- People will socialize less with other people in person, more and more communication will be done over the internet.
- A new way of communicating will evolve, without human touch.
Re: Task 1C -1 Q.1
July 20, 2006 08:53PM
Most def.

The biggest barrier to global connectivity currently in SA is our one and only telecommunications SP. Dial-ups are still the cheapest way to go (even with the ridiculous charges allowed by their monopoly), but the quality of service is vrot, to say the least.

The introduction of the second hardline network should give them the wake-up call they need to get their act together. And with the wireless-competition between all three cellular players the prospects are looking good for all prospective surfers.

Re: Task 1C -1 Q.1
July 20, 2006 09:24PM
I don't know, you would have thought that between Vodacom and MTN's competition, they would drastically reduce cellular rates to try outdo each other. It's almost like they agreed to both charge through the roof, but offer different rip-off deals. Almost like "If we both charge ridiculously, people won't know any better and will HAVE to pay a high price." Cell-C then reckoned they might as well do the same...

And is it true that Vodafone wants to purchase Telkom? Just rumours I heard, but what would I know, I'm very far away at the moment so lost touch with news in S.A. Visiting SA is strange when I have to pay to be online, I'm paying about £15 a month for dial-up and the number I dial is free, so £15 is ALL I pay, no connection fees whatsoever. Moving to 8Meg Broadband would only be £25 a month in total (£10 more than I'm currently paying), and still be free to stay connected as long as I want, AND there are NO download limits. ONLY REASON I don't change to 8 meg is because where I'm staying at the moment, I can't get broadband due to address and billing mix-ups with cable lines. Long story short, there's no way around it.
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